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We wanted to provide you with an update on how Semester 2 at Massey University will operate for our international students. 我们想向您提供梅西大学第二学期如何为我们的国际学生服务的最新情况。 Despite the ongoing impact of COVID-19, enrolments for Semester 2 are continuing as normal. Students now have until 6 July to apply for courses and the semester will commence on 20 July. Massey will continue to offer most of its teaching online, including for those international students who are unable to travel to New Zealand due to travel restrictions. 尽管新冠肺炎的影响仍在持续,第二学期的入学人数仍在正常增加。学生必须在7月6日前申请课程,学期将于7月20日开始。Massey将继续提供大部分的在线教学,包括那些由于旅行限制而无法前往新西兰的国际学生。 The New Zealand Government has not yet indicated when restrictions are likely to change, but studying online allows students to make a start on their qualification with the flexibility of doing it from their own home. When they arrive on campus once travel restrictions are lifted, they will be ahead in their programme 新西兰政府还没有表示何时可能会改变限制,但在线学习允许学生从他们的资格开始,有在自己家里学习的灵活性。当旅行限制解除后,他们到达校园时,他们将在课程中处于领先地位 Due to the impact of COVID-19, we have a wider array of courses available via Massey's online learning platform ‘Stream’. The courses are internal special offerings but taught online, allowing students to receive the same high-quality education Massey is renowned for even though they can’t be here with us in person. 由于COVID-19的影响,我们通过Massey的在线学习平台“Stream”提供了更广泛的课程。这些课程是内部的特殊课程,但在网上授课,让学生获得与Massey一样高质量的教育,尽管他们不能亲自来到这里。

Students will still be required to provide an indicative English language score to be admitted into their programme of choice. There are currently restrictions of at-venue testing in many countries. For Semester 2 admissions, alternative online mechanisms are available for students to provide suitable evidence of their English language proficiency. The preferred alternative online mechanisms for all prospective students to demonstrate English language proficiency is the IELTS Indicator or the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition. For students from China who are unable to access the preferred online tests, an alternative interim online mechanism is the one-hour online test provided by Duolingo. 学生仍须提供具指示性的英文成绩,才可获准修读所选择的课程。目前,许多国家都限制在现场进行检测。对于第二学期的录取,学生可以选择其他的在线机制来提供适当的证据来证明他们的英语水平。对于所有想要证明自己英语水平的学生来说,首选的在线考试机制是雅思考试或新托福家庭特别版。对于那些无法参加在线考试的中国学生来说,“多邻国”提供的一小时在线考试是另一种临时在线考试机制。

If students need to improve their English language skills in order to meet requirements for admission to Massey, our English language pathway programmes are available online to provide the necessary skills for admission and successful study. Students can enrol for our English Language Proficiency short courses, Direct Entry English Pathway (DEEP) and Foundation programmes online and more information can be found at massey.ac.nz/PaCE. 如果学生需要提高他们的英语语言技能,以满足入学的要求,我们的英语语言途径课程是可以在网上提供必要的技能,为入学和成功的学习。学生可以报名参加我们的英语语言能力短期课程,直接进入英语路径(深)和基础课程在线,更多信息可以在massey.ac.nz/PaCE上找到。

International students who begin studying with Massey online during 2020 may still be eligible for a post study work visa, provided they travel to New Zealand once border restrictions are lifted and continue their studies to meet the minimum duration of study requirement. It will also be necessary for students to meet the health, character and funds requirements. 2020年开始在Massey online学习的国际学生仍然有资格获得学习后工作签证,只要他们在解除边境限制后前往新西兰,并继续学习以满足最低的学习期限要求。学生还需要满足健康、性格和资金方面的要求。

We would like to encourage students to continue their application as normal and we are committed to supporting our students in their studies successfully online, for as long as necessary, regardless of where and how they are studying. We are currently getting in touch with all of our enrolled students to ensure they are best supported, despite the challenges created by COVID-19. 我们鼓励学生继续他们的正常申请,我们致力于支持我们的学生在网上学习成功,只要有必要,无论他们在哪里和如何学习。我们目前正在与所有在册学生取得联系,以确保他们得到最好的支持,尽管COVID-19带来了挑战

We have a dedicated hub for international students at massey.ac.nz/coronavirus. Here you will find information about study and post-study work visas, English language testing and travel insurance, as well as general information relating to COVID-19’s impact on University operations. 我们在masse.ac.nz /coronavirus有一个专门的国际学生中心。在这里,你可以找到关于学习和学习后工作签证、英语语言测试和旅行保险的信息,以及关于COVID-19对大学运作的影响的一般信息。

We want to ensure studying at Massey is as easy as possible, despite the challenges created by COVID-19. If there is any other information or support you require, please visit masseyagents.ac.nz/contact/. 我们希望确保在Massey的学习尽可能简单,尽管COVID-19带来了挑战。如果您需要任何其他信息或支持,请访问masseyagents.ac.nz/contact/。