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It has been great to meet with many of you over the past couple of weeks, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for the support you are offering Griffith as we work together to ensure that students can commit to their study plans and commence their Griffith program even though travel restrictions are still in place. 在过去的几周里,我很高兴见到了你们中的许多人,我想借此机会感谢你们对格里菲斯大学的支持。因为我们的共同努力,确保了学生在旅行限制的情况下能够开始他们的学习计划。 I am delighted to announce that Griffith University will be offering all commencing international students who enrol in a minimum of 30CP a 20% scholarship. My hope is that this will support students in being able to continue with their plan to join Griffith this year, and provide some certainty in a very uncertain world. This new Griffith 2020 International Starter Scholarship will be available to all international students commencing coursework degrees (postgraduate and undergraduate) and Study Abroad students studying with us in Trimester 2 and 3 this year. 我很高兴地宣布,格里菲斯大学将为现在所有入学的国际生(最低达到30CP)提供20%的奖学金。我希望这有助于帮助学生们今年加入格里菲斯,并在这个不确定的世界格局下提供一些确定性。新的格里菲斯大学2020年国际入门奖学金将提供给所有已经开始课程学习的国际生(研究生和本科生)以及将在今年第2和第3学期加入的海外学生。

More information on this 2020 Starter Scholarship is available via our Flexible Study Options page and Griffith International Scholarships page, together with alternative admission and English language proficiency test requirements that have been revised in light of COVID 19 but key details are:

有关该奖学金的更多信息可以在我们的灵活课程选项页面和格里菲斯大学国际生奖学金页面找到,同时还有新型冠状病毒肺炎下有关其他的入学选择和英语语言测试要求的最新信息,其中关键信息如下: ·No scholarship application is required, as the 20% will be automatically deducted from the student’s tuition fee account prior to census date, based on their enrolment.

·无需申请,这20%的奖学金将会根据学生的入学情况在截止日期前自动从其学费账户中扣除。 ·The tuition fee deposit required from applicants who accept and offer to commence in Trimester 2 or 3 in 2020 will be reduced to $3,000, as well as visa-length Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This ensures students can apply for their visa and be ready to travel to Australia as soon as possible. ·接受并愿意在2020年第2或第3学期入学的申请人,学费押金将减至3000美元,包括签证期限的海外学生健康保险。这确保了学生可以申请签证并且可以尽快前往澳大利亚。 ·The balance of fees payable, based on the student’s enrolment, must be paid by census date. Please note: there have been changes made to the academic calendar. ·根据学生的入学情况,应付费用的余额必须在截止日期前支付。请注意:校历已更改。 ·In recognition that some students may find online study challenging, we are extending our "no academic or financial penalty" guarantee to all students commencing in T2 or T3 2020. Please note that course withdrawals after census date will be reflected as a W on their academic transcript, which will not affect their GPA. ·鉴于一些学生可能会觉得网课具有一定的挑战性,我们正将“无学术上或经济上的处罚”担保拓展至2020年第2或第3学期开学的所有学生。请注意,在截止日期后退学的课程将在其成绩单上显示为W,不会影响他们的GPA。 ·For students who already have an offer, a revised letter of offer will be reissued reflecting the scholarship and other changes from Monday 11 May. ·对于已经收到录取通知书的学生,5月11日星期一起将重新发送一份在奖学金和其他方面修改后的录取通知书。 ·This scholarship is available to students already onshore in Australia, as well as those students who are starting their Griffith studies from home due to current travel restrictions and other reasons related to COVID 19. ·该奖学金适用于已经在澳大利亚境内的学生,以及由于当前的旅行限制和与新型冠状病毒肺炎相关的其他原因在家中开始学习的学生。 ·Students who successfully apply for one of our higher-value tuition fee scholarships will be awarded that scholarship and not be eligible for the 20% Starter Scholarship. ·成功申请到高额学费奖学金的学生不会获得20%的入门奖学金。 You may have also heard that we are also offering all continuing students a 20% Support Scholarship for the remainder of 2020 to provide financial support in recognition of the ongoing impact of COVID 19. There are a number of other services and resources available to support students who are both onshore and offshore, commencing and continuing. You can read about how Griffith is offering support of more than $15M to current students experiencing financial hardship here. 您可能还听说,我们将为所有选择继续深造的学生提供20%的奖学金,以资助他们在2020年余下时间的学习。许多其他的服务于资源都将提供给国内或海外、刚刚开始或继续深造的学生。你可以在这里读到格里菲斯大学是如何向经济困难的学生提供超过1500万美元的资助。 I trust that the news about our 2020 Starter Scholarship will help you in promoting Griffith both to those students yet to accept their offer and to prospective applicants who are keen to start their study program. I am also pleased to announce the launch of our new Griffith International Representative News blog, designed to keep you updated with other Griffith news and information.