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Thank you for the ongoing care and support you have demonstrated for the international students enrolled across South Australian government schools. 感谢您一直以来对南澳大利亚公立学校国际学生的关心和支持。

International Education Services (IES) has been focused on ensuring we provide you with accurate and timely updates as soon as they become available regarding the COVID-19 situation in South Australia. 国际教育服务(IES)一直致力于确保我们为您提供准确和及时的最新信息,一旦他们得到关于COVID-19在南澳大利亚州的情况。 Our number one priority has always been to ensure international students are supported as much as possible, providing peace of mind for the families of these students living thousands of kilometres away. 我们的首要任务一直是确保国际学生得到尽可能多的支持,为居住在数千公里之外的这些学生的家人提供安心的环境。

Below are two important information updates regarding international students: 以下是关于国际学生的两个重要信息更新:

South Australian Government support package for international students南澳大利亚政府为国际学生提供的资助 This week the South Australian government announced a financial support package for international students across all sectors. 本周,南澳大利亚政府宣布了一项针对所有行业的国际学生的财政支持计划。 For South Australian Government School's international school students living with South Australian homestay families, a one-off $200 COVID-19 assistance payment per student will be provided to homestay families to assist with the ongoing delivery of quality support, welfare and accommodation for these students. Further details regarding how these payments will be processed will be provided once finalised. 对于居住在南澳大利亚寄宿家庭的南澳大利亚政府学校国际学校的学生,每个学生将一次性获得200澳元的covid19援助金,以帮助这些学生提供高质量的支持、福利和住宿。有关这些付款将如何处理的进一步细节将在最后确定后提供。 As International students are not eligible for the $500 emergency cash grants referenced in the full media release, International Education Services will be providing students (via their schools) with additional support at this time. This one-off $100 COVID-19 assistance payment will be available to all international students (through their school) to put towards additional school expenses such as tutoring, school uniforms, school sweater, calculator, excursions or stationary etc. Our accredited schools will work directly with their international students about the options.

Arrangements for term 2, 2020 The South Australian Department for Education has consistently followed the expert advice from our senior health officials from the outset of this COVID-19 pandemic. 南澳大利亚教育部从第COVID-19流行开始就一贯遵循我国高级卫生官员的专家建议。

The medical advice from SA Health and Australia’s expert health body, Australian Health Protection Principal Committee, remains unchanged. Schools, preschools and early childhood facilities are low risk environments for COVID-19, and should remain open. 来自澳大利亚健康协会和澳大利亚健康保护主要委员会的医疗建议保持不变。学校、幼儿园和儿童早期设施是COVID-19的低风险环境,应该继续开放。

请参阅以下来自南澳大利亚州首席公共卫生官员Nicola Spurrier教授的信和信息: Please refer below to read a letter and message from South Australia’s Chief Public Health Officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier:

Given that, and the current low rates of infection in South Australia, international students are encouraged to return to their classroom for term 2, 2020. Natural parents and homestay parents can choose to send their children to school, and feel confident that they are not placing their children at increased risk of COVID-19. 考虑到目前南澳大利亚的低感染率,国际学生被鼓励在2020年第二学期回到他们的教室。亲生父母和寄宿家庭的父母可以选择送孩子上学,并确信他们不会让孩子面临更高的罹患COVID-19的风险。 Of course, we will respect the preferences of parents (both natural parents and homestay parents) if they are uncomfortable sending their children to school for whatever reason. In that situation, students would need to continue to engage in their remote learning from home. 当然,我们会尊重父母的选择(无论是亲生父母还是寄宿父母),如果他们因为任何原因不愿意送孩子上学。在这种情况下,学生需要继续参与远程学习。

IES values your ongoing support for the South Australian International Student Program and working together to maintain the state’s global reputation for quality international education. IES重视您对南澳大利亚国际学生项目的持续支持,并共同努力维护该州在国际教育质量方面的全球声誉。 We look forward to continuing to work closely with you to welcome students back into South Australia when the time is right. 我们期待着在合适的时候继续与你们紧密合作,欢迎学生们回到南澳大利亚。