Newsletter 【英国】萨塞克斯大学关于学位课程语言要求的最新通知

aurelius · 6010次阅读 · 2020年4月11日 11:09

Dear All,


We have always accepted IELTS (Academic), Pearson, TOEFL and Cambridge English as part of the application process. After careful consideration, we’re now able to expand the recognition list to include IELTS (General).

大学一贯接受A类雅思 ,培生PTE, 托福等考试成绩直接申请学位课程。经过仔细斟酌后,大学现接受G类雅思考试的成绩(IELTS General)申请2020年9月入学的学位课程。

We are happy to recognise below two online tests: · Pearson’s Versant

· Duolingo

          大学现接受两类在线英语考试的成绩申请2020年9月入学的学位课程: Person’s Versant , Duolingo

We allow the combining of scores from more than one test to meet our English requirements, as long as these tests are (1) still within 2 years validation period; (2) all component scores are higher than B2 level (ie. IELTS 5.5)