aurelius · 7136次阅读 · 2020年4月3日 14:01


The 10 week and 5 week PSE courses have been changed to online. Please see the message below from the Head of Language Centre:

‘Thank you for your recent application for our 10-week PSE/5-week PSE courses. Many students have contacted us because they are anxious about the current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and how this might impact on their studies at the University of Aberdeen. To remove any uncertainty, and to give our students peace of mind that they can prepare for study at the University of Aberdeen safely, we have decided to deliver our summer pre-sessional courses online. Your current application will be automatically transferred to the on-line option and we will be contacting you shortly with further details of the course. If you wish to withdraw your application, please contact our Administration team and they will refund any deposit/course fees that you have paid.