aurelius · 9462次阅读 · 2020年4月1日 11:57

Please find attached email which was sent out to all our students today regarding the University’s updates to COVID-19 and our transition to online learning. 请查收今天发给我们所有学生的关于学校更新COVID-19和我们向在线学习过渡的邮件。 The email includes important announcements and financial support for students. We have also prepared answers for students on Frequently Asked Questions, including information on withdrawal, deferment and studying from home country. In addition, our Coronavirus Information page contains details on Student Wellbeing and how to access online Student Services. 电子邮件包括重要的公告和对学生的财政支持。我们还为学生准备了常见问题的答案,包括退学、延期和留学的信息。此外,我们的冠状病毒信息页面包含关于学生健康和如何访问在线学生服务的详细信息。 I know this is a lot of information to take in and there are critical decisions for students to make before Thursday 9 April 2020. Please reach out to us if students need any assistance. 我知道有很多信息需要了解,在2020年4月9日星期四之前,学生们需要做出重要的决定。如果学生需要帮助,请联系我们。