【University of Bath】2020年语言课信息更新

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巴斯大学2020年语言课更新内容,20周语言课改为线上课程。 详情见以下邮件!

From: Fay Pafford Subject: Fw: University of Bath Update about Pre-sessional Courses 2020

Subject: FW: University of Bath Update about Pre-sessional Courses 2020

Dear Doris Bao

As I am sure you will realise, the situation in the UK due to COVID 19 is extremely fast moving, but we wanted to update you on our current planning for Pre-Sessional programmes for Summer 2020 to help you and your students prepare.

We do understand that our Pre-sessional English (PSE) applicants and offer holders are facing difficult situations around language and exam preparation and we will deal as flexibly as we can with applicants within the guidance from the University.

For information on degree programmes and combined offers please contact our admissions colleagues. Please note that combined offers are only available to post-graduate students.

For undergraduate: admissions@bath.ac.uk

For post-graduate (Faculties of Engineering and Design, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences) pgtadmissions@bath.ac.uk

For post-graduate (School of Management) msc-mn@bath.ac.uk

April-July PSE 2020 20-week Pre-sessional English (full-time) Programme 20 April - 11 September 2020

Our 20-week course is going ahead but will now be delivered in an online format.

We will update you on the exact course and key features as soon as possible. We are confident we can introduce some additional features (e.g. more individual written work and feedback) to compensate for the loss of an oncampus experience.

Any queries email english@bath.ac.uk

July-September PSE 2020

10-week Pre-sessional English (full-time) Programme 6 July - 11 September 2020 5-week Pre-sessional English (full-time) Programme 6 August - 11 September 2020

We would like to reassure all University of Bath pre-sessional applicants and offer holders that we are working to provide appropriate language preparation in time for their future degree level studies.

Our advice is to:

a) Apply for pre-sessional programmes for your students as usual:


b) Contact english@bath.ac.uk with any queries.

Our ambition is still to offer our current 10 and 5-week pre-sessional programmes on the Bath campus in July - September 2020.

However, we also have advanced plans in place to offer alternatives if necessary. This is likely to be a form of online provision together with enhanced opportunities for follow-on language support during the academic year.

We are also planning some further agent training, student/partner webinars and offer-holder appointments to assist students with their decision-making at this difficult time. We will let you know the dates for this shortly.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Sent by Fay Pafford on behalf of the Head of English Language at the University of Bath