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Recently the Admissions/Recruitment team has reviewed our admissions process and implemented temporary processes for applicants who are affected by COVID-19. Please note that the temporary arrangements are especially for the applicants who are impacted due to COVID-19 and have been implemented to assist you with recruiting qualified students for the University of Sydney. Please find the following updates from the Admissions Team. 最近,我们审核了招生流程,并为受COVID-19影响的申请人实施了临时流程。请注意,这些临时安排是特别为那些受COVID-19影响的申请人准备的,这些安排是为了帮助你们为悉尼大学招收合格的学生而实施的。请查看以下来自招生团队的更新。

Temporary arrangements for accepting unofficial application documents 接受非官方申请文件的临时安排 In order to assist you and our future students, we will for a limited time accept unofficial or online documents due to the closure of universities as the coronavirus outbreak evolves globally at this moment. Please see the detailed procedures here. 为了帮助您和我们未来的学生,我们将在一段有限的时间内接受非官方的或在线的文件,因为此时冠状病毒正在全球范围内蔓延,大学将关闭。请看这里的详细程序。(请见附件)

Temporary arrangements for accepting English translations from agents 接受agent英文翻译的临时安排 We are now implementing a temporary arrangement to accept English translations done by the University’s registered agents for this period only. We trust you to be vigilant at this time and to take on this responsibility to assist our students. The temporary arrangement will cease immediately when the universities re-open. We will randomly audit the English translations and if we believe the quality of the English translation does not meet the requirements of the University and the professional standards; we will cease the practice from these agents immediately. Applicants are also required to provide the official English translations once normal business resumes at universities, and we will seek your assistance in coordinating this for your students as necessary. 我们现正实施一项临时安排,只接受agent在此期间所作的英文翻译。我们相信你们在这个时候会保持警惕,并承担起帮助我们学生的责任。临时安排将于大学复课后即时终止。我们会随机审核英文翻译,如果我们认为英文翻译的质量不符合学校的要求和专业标准;我们将立即停止agent的做法。一旦大学恢复正常的学习,申请人还需要提供正式的英语翻译,我们将在必要时寻求您的帮助,为您的学生协调这一点。

Special process for July 2020 predicted scores 2020年7月预测得分的特殊过程 Given the ever changing landscape at the moment we will not be issuing Unconditional offers based on predicted scores until further notice. 鉴于目前不断变化的形势,我们将不会根据预测的分数发出无条件的录取,直到另行通知。 We have been informed that some of the IB and A Level exams from April to June 2020 will no longer be held in the affected countries. We are reviewing the predicted scores process and will send a separate email to our agents as soon as possible. Currently only the A Levels exams in UK is cancelled, no announcement yet for the international A Levels. We may resume the process once the information of the exams becomes clearer. We will definitely keep you informed. 我们已经得知,从2020年4月到6月的一些IB和A Level考试将不再在受影响的国家举行。我们正在审核预测分数流程,并将尽快单独发邮件给我们的代理。目前只有英国的A level考试被取消,国际A level考试还没有公布。 一旦考试的信息清楚了,我们可以重新开始考试。我们一定会通知你的。

Advice to students who are unable to sit an official English test for direct entry programs 给那些不能参加正式英语考试的学生的建议 We understand that English test results will be delayed due to the closure of the English test centres in China, Hong Kong and other impacted countries. We encourage students to provide an existing IELTS result with their application. We can accept an IELTS or equivalent test that was taken up to 3 years ago during this period. If you are in Australia, please contact to book an IELTS test or book any available official English tests. We are working on alternatives for better solutions to support you. Once there is any progress, we will inform you as soon as possible. 据我们所知,由于中国大陆、香港和其他受影响国家的英语考试中心关闭,英语考试成绩将会推迟。我们鼓励学生在申请时提供现有的雅思成绩。我们可以接受三年前的雅思或同等考试。 如果您在澳大利亚,请联系预定雅思考试或任何官方英语考试。我们正在寻找更好的解决方案来支持您。一旦有任何进展,我们会尽快通知你。

Advice to students who are unable to sit other exams 给不能参加其他考试的学生的建议 We are aware that some exams, such as SAT have cancelled the scheduled exams in May in response to the rapidly evolving situation around COVID-19. We encourage you to confirm with Admissions team if the student has taken the test in March or has booked a June exam via email ASAP. 我们注意到,一些考试,如SAT,已经取消了原定于5月举行的考试,以应对围绕COVID-19的迅速变化的形势。我们鼓励您尽快与招生组确认学生是否参加了3月份的考试,或者已经通过电子邮件预订了6月份的考试

Advice to students who have not yet arrived in Australia 给还没有到澳大利亚的学生的建议 From Monday the 23rd of March 2020 there will be no face-to-face teaching on campus. All teaching and learning will be delivered online. Arrangements for your classes will be confirmed via Canvas. This is good news and will allow students to remain enrolled to complete their semester. Please find relevant information on our official University Covid-19 website here. 从2020年3月23日(周一)起,校园将不再进行面对面教学。所有教学将在网上进行。您的课程安排将通过Canvas进行确认。这是一个好消息,将允许学生继续注册完成他们的学期。请在我们的官方大学Covid-19网站上找到相关信息。 Some students may still contact you to suspend or discontinue their Semester 1, 2020 studies. Students should apply to “suspend your studies” through Sydney Student by the University’s census date on the 31st March 2020. Processing times may vary, please allow up to 20 working days from the submission date. 一些学生可能仍然会联系你,暂停或终止他们的第一学期2020年的课程。学生应于2020年3月31日census date前通过Sydney Student申请“休学”。处理时间可能会有所不同,请给予最多20个工作日的提交日期。 Students may decide to discontinue their current studies in Australia due to being impacted by the virus. If they have completed the enrolment task, they will first need to “discontinue your studies”. They can request to discontinue the course through Sydney Student (go to ‘My studies’, ‘Course details’, then ‘Discontinue your course’). 由于受到病毒的影响,学生可能会决定中断目前在澳大利亚的学业。如果他们已经完成了注册任务,他们将首先需要“停止你的学习”。他们可以通过悉尼学生申请中止课程(进入“我的学习”,“课程详情”,然后“中止你的课程”)。 The deadline to discontinue studies without academic penalty is the 31st of March 2020. Please allow up to 10 working days for your request to be processed. Once the discontinuation is approved, your student will be able to lodge a request for a refund or submit a new application for a future intake. For refund information it is important that they check the University of Sydney’s website for specific instructions. Due to the high volume of refund requests, we cannot guarantee the processing time on these requests. At this stage, please allow for at least 3 weeks for processing. 申请不再继续学习并不受到经济惩罚的截止日期为2020年3月31日。请给予10个工作日的时间来处理您的申请。一旦退学申请被批准,你的学生就可以提出退款申请,或者为将来的入学申请提交新的申请。对于退款信息,他们必须查看悉尼大学的网站以获得具体说明。由于大量的退款请求,我们不能保证处理这些请求的时间。在这个阶段,请允许至少3周的处理。

We value your support and will continue to work hard to achieve academic excellence for our University and students. Should you have any questions about these temporary arrangements, please email the admissions team The Admissions Team will assist you with your request.