Trinity College墨尔本大学预科学院针对最新澳洲限制入境政策公告

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COVID-19 issues Please continue to monitor our FAQ webpages that answer the many questions currently being posed at the moment. Issues relating to current students are available here, and issues relating to future students are available here.


Future 2020 TCFS and TCAEP intakes You will be aware of the recent announcement of the closure of the Australian border. We have been recently exploring the option of running the first semester of all mid-year TCFS intakes online, as well as the beginning of TCAEP intakes. If this proceeds, students will be able to commence their Trinity studies without being required to travel to Australia. We will update you once a decision has been made.


Given the uncertainty of when the border will reopen, and whether future intakes will be delivered online, Trinity College will refund all tuition and administration fees associated with future 2020 TCFS and TCAEP intakes if accepted students do not commence in the relevant program due to government restrictions on travel, especially those related to the COVID-19 outbreak. This is in accordance with 3.21 and 3.23 of the Trinity College Pathways School Refund Policy with COVID-19 related travel issues in this case defined as “extenuating circumstances.”

介于现在不确定何时澳洲会再次开放入境及学院是否会提供线上课程。Trinty将全额退款给那些受政府旅行限制影响尤其是由于COVID-19,并且没有commence相关课程(2020 TCFS and TCAEP)的学生。这是根据学院3.21和3.23退款政策与covid19相关的旅行问题,在这种情况下定义为“情有可原的情况”。

YLP update We will continue making arrangements as normal for the July 2020 Young Leaders Program. Any changes to the running of the program will be a result of guidelines and measures set out by the Australian Government and Trinity College regarding travel to and from Australia as well as the running of group activities. You are able to follow the current situation in Australia as reported by the Department of Home Affairs here.

We suggest that you continue to submit your application so that we can start your admission process.

We will be closely monitoring the situation and on June 1st we will be assessing and making a decision as to whether or not the program runs. At that point, if we decide to cancel the program your options will be the following:

  1. Deferral to the December 2020 program (provided the student is still within the requirement of 14-17 years of age)

  2. Deferral to the July 2021 program (provided the student is still within the requirement of 14-17 years of age)

  3. A full refund

Main Plus and Extended intakes

The Main Plus and Extended intakes from 2021 are being reviewed at the moment. This is unrelated to issues pertaining to COVID-19. We anticipate the review will be completed by the beginning of June. We still encourage applications to be submitted for both intakes, with offers processed once the review is completed. At this stage, we anticipate the academic and English language entry requirements will remain the same.

Main Plus and Extended 2021的intake正在审查。这与COVID-19无关。我们预计审查工作将于6月初完成。我们仍然鼓励申请者同时提交两份申请,一旦审查完成,我们将立即处理申请。在这个阶段,我们预计学术和英语语言的入学要求将保持不变

Private Minder Assessment Please note that Trinity College will no longer be organising private minder arrangements for Trinity students. 学院将不再为学生安排私人看护

As indicated in the January newsletter, if your student intends to live with a relative (note - definition of a relative according to the Department of Home Affairs is a parent or step-parent; grandparent or step-grandparent; sibling or step-sibling; aunt, uncle, step-aunt or step-uncle; niece, nephew, step-niece or step-nephew; partner; child or step-child) whilst studying, they will need to apply to the Department of Home Affairs to have this approved. 如一月份的通讯所述,如果你的学生打算与亲属同住(注:根据民政事务总署的定义,亲属是父母或继父母;祖父母或step-grandparent;兄弟姐妹或step-sibling;姨妈、姨父、继姨妈或继父;侄女、外甥、继侄女或继外甥;合作伙伴;(儿童或继子女)在就读期间,须向民政事务总署申请批准。