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As you may be aware, the Australian Government upgraded its travel ban to Level 4 prohibiting all international travel for Australians and banning all foreign nationals from entering Australia due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. 如你所知,由于COVID-19(冠状病毒)大流行,澳大利亚政府将其旅行禁令升级至4级,禁止所有澳大利亚人进行国际旅行,并禁止所有外国人进入澳大利亚。 The Government has also strengthened its health response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including introducing further restrictions to indoor gatherings. Unfortunately, these measures will make it incredibly difficult to continue with many of our face-to-face teaching activities and some aspects of campus life. 政府还加强了对COVID-19的卫生应对措施,包括进一步限制室内聚会。不幸的是,这些措施将使我们难以继续许多面对面的教学活动和校园生活的某些方面。

Today we have emailed all UQ students to advise that UQ has made the decision to move coursework teaching for Semester 1 to online delivery from Monday 23 March.

While all teaching will be moved online, our campuses will remain open to facilitate a range of activities that can still occur within the boundaries of the new social distancing and gatherings guidelines. Student support, wellbeing and social opportunities will also be moved online.

今天我们已经给UQ的所有学生发了邮件(内容请见附件),通知他们UQ已经决定将第一学期的课程教学从3月23日星期一改为在线授课。 虽然所有的教学将转移到网上,我们的校园将保持开放,以促进一系列的活动,仍然可以发生在新的社会距离和集会准则的范围内。学生支持、福利和社交机会也将转移到网上。

Students who have deferred or interuppted their Semester 1 studies


We know that some students may have already chosen to defer or interupt their studies for Semester 1. These students now have the opportunity to reinstate their enrolment by midnight [AEST] on Wednesday 25 March 2020.


Change to academic calendar


With the pause in teaching this week, additional time for teaching and learning activities has been scheduled at the end of the semester. The University Calendar has been updated to reflect the new dates. Semester 1 will now end on 26 June 2020.


This Semester is going to be different for all of us – but we are doing everything we can to make sure our students keep progressing with their study and make the most of this challenging situation.

You can keep up to date on UQ's advice on COVID-19 through our FAQ page.

这个学期对我们所有人来说都将是不同的,但我们正在尽我们所能确保我们的学生在学习上不断进步,充分利用这一具有挑战性的情况。 您可以通过我们的FAQ页面了解UQ对COVID-19的最新建议。