Curtin College科廷学院针对最新新西兰限制入境政策公告

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In-line with Curtin University’s move to introduce Online Delivery for most units and introducing a Tuition-Free week next week, Curtin College has decided to introduce a teaching-free next week (23 March) and work on moving most units online starting from 30 March. 为了配合科廷大学(Curtin University)在大多数单元引入在线授课和下周推出免学费周的举措,科廷学院(Curtin College)已决定在下周(3月23日)推出免学费周,并将从3月30日起把大部分课程搬到网上。

Our goal is to have as many units as possible able to be delivered fully online or remotely by the week beginning 30 March. We understand that will not be feasible due a number of factors beyond our control including practical and registration requirements. 我们的目标是在3月30日开始的那周,尽可能多的课程能够完全在线或远程学习。我们理解,由于一些超出我们控制的因素,包括实际和注册要求,这将是不可行的。

I do thank you for your support communicating with our students. It is important that we remember to keep calm during these challenging times.

We will continue to issue offer letters and COE’s for June onwards. We will advise you if the situation changes. 非常感谢您对我们学生交流的支持。重要的是,我们要记住在这些充满挑战的时刻保持冷静。 我们将继续发出6月份以后的offer和从oe。如果情况有变,我们会通知你的。

The current students have received the below email this afternoon. 学生下午应该会收到以下邮件

Dear Students, Thank you for your patience in this time of uncertainty, we appreciate that there is a lot of anxiety and concerns at this time. 感谢您在这个充满不确定性的时刻所表现出的耐心,我们理解在这个时刻有很多的焦虑和担忧。 Please rest assured that we are working towards minimizing the impact to your studies. We are communicating with you as soon as information becomes available and will continue to do so. 请放心,我们正在努力减少对您学习的影响。 我们正在与您沟通。 We are aware of information circulating on social media, which at times can be misleading and lead to unnecessary anxiety. 我们注意到社交媒体上的信息传播,这些信息有时会误导人,导致不必要的焦虑。

Currently there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Curtin University or Curtin College campus.

We appreciate that people are concerned about their health and in response to this we are instigating the following changes: 目前在科廷大学或科廷学院校园内没有COVID-19的确诊病例。我们意识到人们关心他们的健康,为此我们正在进行以下改变: In-line with Curtin University, we are in the process of moving to online delivery from the week beginning 30 March.- 与科廷大学保持一致,我们正在从3月30日开始的一周转向在线授课 To facilitate this, the College has decided that next week (beginning 23 March) will be a tuition-free week (no Classes). This will allow teachers to prepare units for transitioning to online delivery, so there is minimum disruption to your learning.- 为了促进这一点,学院决定下周(3月23日开始)将是免学费的一周(不上课)。这将允许教师准备课程过渡到网上授课,使你的学习有最小的干扰。 Please continue to check your Curtin College emails and we will send you an update on Monday. Further information can be found on Curtin College website and Social Media Channels. Links to these can be found below:

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